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Rhombus Group is a hands-on Owner-operated company focused on Excellence in hospitality operations and consulting.  Rhombus offers consolidated, realistic and practical turn-key packages for various development projects.

Our range of services are specialised and diverse in numerous areas:

We work with Owners and/or Developers of hotel and hospitality-oriented projects to coordinate and provide technical operational expertise to facilitate the evolution of a facility that is efficient, effective, functional and achieves the long-term objectives of guests, customers and ownership. Our Technical Services team is diverse and internationally trained with extensive experience in hotel operations, Pre-Development and Pre-Opening projects and ventures.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design Programme
  • Space Allocation Plans
  • Facilities Design
  • Specifications Development
  • Recommending Necessary Specialised Consultants & Equipment
  • Process Development
  • Pre-opening Sales & Marketing Service
  • Pre-opening Operation Service

We assume responsibility for the daily operations of owners’/investors’ property as well as its long term strategic planning with a main objective of asset optimisation for the owners/investors. Our Management Operations team’s strategy is to relieve the Ownership of the tasks and duties pertaining to day-to-day operations, enabling owners/investors to focus on other ventures, while we apply our extensive international expertise to increasing the asset value of their property.

  • Experts in operations, marketing, strategic planning, staffing & visual aesthetics
  • Develop & implement programmes that increase the exposure of the facility
  • Ensure operational efficiency & accountability
  • Ownership is actively involved in the strategic planning & decision making process for the property, including cash flow, operations, marketing & capital expenditures
  • Rhombus International Hotels Group reports directly to the Ownership while our on-site management team report to our corporate headquarters
  • We liaise with lawyers, bankers & accountants, on owners/investors behalf pertaining to the property

Rhombus Group will work with owners/investors and their team of bankers, lawyers, designers and other experts to provide them with the current trends, market information and industry norms, so that they are able to make clear decisions which will be the most strategically beneficial for their portfolio/investments. Examples of such services provided to satisfied clients previously include:

  • Assessing Potential Hotel Purchases (i.e. offered pricing in relation to value)
  • Advising on Hotel & Resort Development Sites
  • Advising on Acquisitions & Expansion into New Markets
  • Negotiating with Suppliers & Brands
  • Assessing on Renovation or Re-Branding Initiatives
  • Staffing & Talent Assessment

Our diversity and international nature of our expertise allows us to offer customised consulting and analysis services which achieve Excellence for owners/investors and their project.

  • Feasibility & Viability Studies
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Operating Systems Development
  • Asset Retention & Funding
  • Sourcing New Projects & Developments
  • Human & Talent Resources Development
  • Training & Development Programmes

Our Corporate Sales and Marketing team is able to provide numerous economies of scale to owners’/investors’ property, from blitzes, sales calls, telemarketing and trade shows to print, e-mail, media and online promotion initiatives. This unique service allows small to mid-sized properties a strong presence in the larger marketing mediums as well as increased regional and international exposure at a reasonable cost.

Sales & Marketing

  • Strategic Account Management
  • Sales Development
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Tradeshow Representation
  • Print & Media Design
  • Increasing & Managing Distribution Channels
  • Revenue Management


  • Brand in relation to the Marketplace
  • Performance in comparison to Costs
  • Viability of the Brand in the Marketplace
  • Flexibility of Brand services
  • Diversity of the Brand’s Penetration
  • Comparative Analysis of all available Brands

We will work with owner/investors to establish areas of focus, after which we will develop and implement programmes that can provide the operator or management of the facility with an objective third-party evaluation of the property, ranging from its service  and quality to staff performance. Our quality assurance programme ascertains whether a facility is consistently within its established operating standards.

  • Risk Management review focuses on observations & forensic accounting
  • Operational review assesses the delivery of services & quality of the facility