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Earn your points with Rhombus Dining Rewards Programme and enjoy fabulous rewards at your next visit at AVA Restaurant Slash Bar and Café Express!

An easy and user-friendly app, ‘Rhombus Dining’ App begins your fruitful culinary experience. Enjoy various functions wherever and whenever you are.

Download now and receive your exciting rewards in just a few taps!

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Comprehensive Features

Get Rewarded on Every Dollar Spent

Registered members can earn 1 Rhombus Dining Point for every HK$1 spent. Accumulated points can redeem for fabulous prizes. Dine more and earn more!

Instant Reservations

Reserve a table in a few simple clicks for your quick lunch break or romantic dinner with loved ones. Be the smart foodie!

Point-to-point Google Map Function

Explore your way wherever you are with the point-to-point Google Map function, directing you to the restaurants.

Latest News and Offers

Be the one that earns the most: keep up-to-date with new promotions and offers and never miss out any chance to reward yourself.


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